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Helping You Refine Your Shine!

Helping You Refine Your Shine!

Helping You Refine Your Shine! Helping You Refine Your Shine!

Helping You Refine Your Shine!

Helping You Refine Your Shine!

Helping You Refine Your Shine! Helping You Refine Your Shine! Helping You Refine Your Shine!


News & Upcoming Events

Charity Fashion Show March 21, 2020

Charity Fashion Show March 21, 2020

Charity Fashion Show March 21, 2020


We are thrilled to announce our Charity Fashion show benefitting the Women's Shelter of Columbia & the Cindy Roof Wilkerson Foundation. 

Tickets are available on our Fit to Sparkle Queens page! 

Fitness & DNA Testing

Charity Fashion Show March 21, 2020

Charity Fashion Show March 21, 2020


Are you tired of guessing what Diet is right for you? 

Ally is shaking up the industry and has brought Fitness & Nutrition DNA testing to the studio! This is your blueprint for living healthier!! Ask Ally about DNA testing for your individual needs!! 

Join us for.....

~Circuit Training 

~"Walk it Off"

~Hiit (High Intensity Interval Trainiing)

~Strength Training

~Abs Class

Fit to Sparkle Programs Include:

~1:1 Nutrition Consult

~Macro Education

~Kitchen Clean Out Ebook

~Recipes, meal tips


~"Habit" Shifts 

~Supplementation recommendations

~Step by Step Proven System

~Support, Encouragement #SparkleSquad....


Join us!

Contact Ally:                 803-360-7071

Nutrition Classes & Workshops

Charity Fashion Show March 21, 2020

Nutrition Classes & Workshops


Ask how to get a Free Nutrition Class!

 Curious what really is a 

"macro-nutrient" and how much of them should you be eating? And what is a "micro-nutrient" and do you need them?

Are you tired of dieting? We will create a plan for you that gets you results! Pinky Promise!  

Just ask our clients:

"Fit to Sparkle helped me find a sustainable meal plan that even my family likes!" 

~Laura S.

"I have made life changing decisions because of Fit To Sparkle! Ally is the most compassionate non-judgmental coach I have ever worked with. I hate exercise. I love to eat. I've always been able to eat whatever I wanted and not have it impact my weight until my mid-50's. Ally has helped me learn to accept and deal with my new normal without shaming me or denying myself a Reese cup! haha She also helped me kick the Diet coke habit over 14 months ago. I have not cheated one time on that nor have I missed it. She's a rock star in my book!" ~Patti S. 

You Ready for Change? We Got you Girl!


Knowledgeable Expertise

Knowledgeable Expertise

Knowledgeable Expertise

With years of success and experience, our team is capable of analyzing your specific needs and creating a plan that you will be excited about!  Many plans only address what you eat and if you workout! Our plans address 5 unique areas of healthy living to help you as a whole person! You deserve the individualized attention we give you! You will receive personalized healthy eating suggestions, fitness tips, mindfulness exercises and supplementation recommendations to ensure optimal results. And the game changer... We will work closely with you to keep you on track, accountable and motivated! 



Individualized Plans

Knowledgeable Expertise

Knowledgeable Expertise

Frustrated with cookie cutter plans? We start where you are! Whether you are taking the stage or in a new stage of life, our coaches work with you to create a custom program that meets your specific needs and goals! There are no cookie cutter bodies and we tailor everything to you! Our team of experts listen to you, understand your goals and are equipped with knowledge and resources to equip you to achieve the results you desire!  You will never be alone in this journey! We tweak as we go and adjust as you meet each goal! 


Meal Planning Guidance

Knowledgeable Expertise

Meal Planning Guidance

Meal planning, prepping and having a nutrition strategy is so important in achieving goals but due to fast paced, busy lifestyles this part overwhelms many! However, we have an easy step-by-step system to help you prepare healthy delicious meals that are ready to go! This will help you feel less stressed and enjoy your delicious meals, not to mention you will get results!  We will introduce you to new delicious foods, and show you ways you can include your fav's  into your healthy meal plans!  We will only design meals that make your mouth water for every one you have prepped! Oh, and your family will eat what you eat! 

Finding your Sparkle Starts Here

Is this YOU?

Nutirition classes

Nutirition classes


In a world full of illusions and attempts to sell you on quick fixes of pills, potions, powders and patches know this, your health can not be bottled or purchased with a quick fix!

Are you...

-Tired of feeling tired?
- Frustrated with feeling like a yo-yo? (yay! I did good for a week, boo! I suck and cant stick to anything!),
-Stressed out and beating yourself up cause you lack willpower?
-Should I eat low card or high fat?
 -Confused where to start in an eat this, not that, world?
-Should I take supplements, don't take supplements?


It's a saturated world with a lot of opinions but you need the facts and what's best for YOU! 
We will help you!

Nutirition classes

Nutirition classes

Nutirition classes


Food is fuel for Optimal Health! The question is are you eating the correct foods, in the proper proportions and balance? 

We will Teach you How to:

-Design YOUR perfect plate of carbs, fats, proteins

 -Discover where YOU may be eating too much or too little of a certain food group

-Understand Food and Mood and its effects on YOU    

-Walk away with THE exact measuring tools and portions that are right for you!

Real Results

Nutirition classes

Work with Ally


"Joining this group was the best decision I have made in quite awhile. I was not the youngest, the thinnest, the most athletic, or the closest to the location.  I was feeling the effects of a high stress job that left me working long hours with little time to eat right or some days not eat at all.  By 3:00 most days I was feeling fatigued and worn down and had to will myself to keep going. I feasted on Diet Cokes, sweet tea and all the "bad carbs." I did nothing for myself.  

I followed Ally, having known her and loved her for years. I watched her exterior transform and her natural sparkle becoming even more sparkly! I wanted what she had so I made the call on a Sunday night and started bootcamp. This "yes" would require me to drive 55 minutes one way in the worst traffic. But 8 weeks later I hadn't had one diet coke, or sweet tea, I lost 10 lbs and lots of inches, and my middle aged middle wasn't lapping over my seatbelt! I feel better and look better and the best part is I have the sweetest group of women who love on me!" ~Patti S.

Work with Ally

Work with Ally

Work with Ally


I'm excited to help YOU! My heart and my passion have always been to serve others! I will listen to your goals and work with you to achieve them. I have been in your shoes and know what the journey takes to finding your inner light that not just shines bright but Sparkles Brighter! 

Click the button below!

 I answer all my emails personally! 

Can't wait to chat!

FTS queens

Work with Ally

FTS queens


This dream became a reality! Partnering our passions and talents, Fit to Sparkle Queens came alive!!  Head over to the Fit to Sparkle Queens page to see all we are offering! 

Ask Ally

Work with Ally

FTS queens


Got a burning question?

You and your girlfriends debating what's the best post workout snack?

Should you take BCAA's?

What's the best thing for energy before a workout?

How many times a day should you eat?

Just ask! I will be glad to answer!

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