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About Ally & Fit to Sparkle Fitness

Hey Y'all


I'm Ally, the Founder and CEO of Fit to Sparkle and I'm so glad you are here! 

Let's be real girlfriend! There is a lot of hype out there about who you "should"  be, what you should and should not eat, what type workouts are best, and what you "should" be doing to be a healthy, happy, vibrant woman! 

But, has anyone ever asked YOU what your goals are and what you want?

Probably not, but that is what matters most to me! 

My job as a holistic nutritionist, licensed counselor 

and your biggest  "ally"  is to listen to you, make sure the services you receive 

are rooted in science,  serve your goals and help YOU Sparkle the way you were designed! 

We are on a mission ...

My team and I are on a mission to help YOU live out your mission and calling in Matthew 5:16, 

"Let your light shine before others that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."  

Collectively, when we let our light shine,  WE are a force for change that will 

empower other women to be Fit to Sparkle too! 

Let's get you out of that tired ole trap that so many women are caught up in with fads and diets and the worlds message of who they "should" be! ! I've been there and want YOU to walk in the freedom of your design! 

You deserve to live an optimal, gracious, healthy, happy, Sparkly life! I pinky promise that if you commit to you and follow the plan designed for you, you will have success! Period!  

You can have confidence in your perfectly designed plan! 

 My team and I can't wait to meet you and watch you Sparkle Brighter! 

Now come on girl, we gotta get your sparkle on... Click below so we can start chatting ASAP......

xoxo ~Ally

I'm Ready to Sparkle!



Ally Featured in She Magazine

Ally featured in She Magazine. The Happiness Issue. 

Ally featured in s

Ally Featured in Strong Fitness Magazine January, 2019 issue.

In November 2018 Ally was a featured speaker at the Strong Fitness Magazine Business Fitness Summit, in Red Hook, NY, hosted by Liz Cort Consulting.


Featured on Bustle, see what Ally had to say about "Little ways to Be A Better Person..."


Ally Featured on UpJourney , 

How to Be Confident with Your Body....

now live:


                    Ally wins 

              Mrs. Petite USA! 

November 19th, 2018 in Indian Rocks Beach, FL, Ally became the first from SC to win the National title! 


Ally loves her clients and coaches....

"Fit to Sparkle is not only a game changer, but it is also a LIFE CHANGER! Ally believed in me before I was able to believe in myself. She talked me through the shame and the guilt and helped me to challenge those beliefs until I was the best me that I can be. I have never encountered a program that truly focused on all of me, not just the part that people see. I am healthier than I have ever been...and 65 pounds lighter. But, the best part is that I have accepted the sparkle inside and I am now brave enough to let others see it. Thank you, Ally!" ~Sandy B. 

Fit to Sparkle Classes & Coaches


Upcoming Classes

All classes incorporate the 5 pillars of health you will learn at your free nutrition training  included with with every class.

"Walk it Off" with Joyce

Walk away the pounds...2 miles, 5 easy moves, entire body workout, get in those steps and burn fat!! Indoor class for all fitness levels!

Monday and Thursday 6:30 pm

Zumba with Mary

Hot Dance moves to burn up to 600 Calories! Dance & aerobic moves to Latin rhythms, meremgue, reggaeton, salsa, cubia & more!! Fun for everyone! 

Thursday 6:30 pm 

HIIT Fit with Amber

Babies Optional

Bootcamp Tabata, HIIT

Strength, Resistance, and weight training to lean you out and tone you up! 

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9:30 am

"Fit Camp" Circuit Training with Ally & Donna

Everyone can find their fit with these workouts! Designed to increase strength, endurance and burn fat!  Every class is a different workout! 

Tuesday 6:30 pm and Saturday 8:30 am

Yoga Sculpt with Michaela 

Where Yoga meets muscle...physical and mental! The focus is on strength and intensity! 

Yoga sculpt is not your typical yoga class! Its a combo of cardio, weights for strength training and helps build a lean, tones, sculpted body!

This class is for all fitness levels! 

Monday and Wednesday  Time TBA

Try any class for free by giving us a call to RSVP! 803-360-7071

All Classes are held at different locations around the Columbia, West Columbia, Lexington and Irmo areas! 

Meet the Fit to Sparkle Coaches

These women are all heart and dedicated to your Success! They bring a special quality to fitness not found in any other place! Each of them has a passion for fitness and serving you! You will love the attention you receive in every Fit to Sparkle Class! Our coaches don't teach you how to just exercise or how  to lose weight, we teach you how to love you, and prioritize you along with easy nutrition habits that are sustainable for a lifetime!